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If I build them, will they come?

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

I produce these tea cups because I love them. I'd like to say there's a grand marketing plan where I painstakingly work out exactly what will sell and to whom but, and you know what's coming... there isn't. This is the third edition to go on sale and although both previous ones have tempted customers around the world, I do realise there are no guarantees.

After all the work getting the new edition just as I wanted it, the day the cups and saucers finally arrived with me in London from the potters in Stoke was an exciting one. But then there's that moment when they go on sale and it suddenly hits me. What if I'm the only one who loves them? What if no one else is interested in whether they're drinking from a piece of crafted, hand painted bone china or a paper cup?

That's why your reaction so far has been so important to me. I don't have an extensive brand research team I could have fired if you'd hated them. It's just me creating something I adore and hoping you do too. It's a wonderful moment when that first order comes in and the first ones head off to their new home.

They're providing wedding and birthday gifts, leaving presents and, possibly my favourite, treats for those who buy them for themselves just because... they're worth it!


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