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Get your paws off my biscuits...

While these tea cups are made in Stoke-on-Trent by a team of skilled craftsmen and women, I design them in London, and run the business from home. It's often just me here working on my plan to bring you a sample of real English Bone China - a little piece of history wrapped up in a luxury teacup.

Of course when I say it's just me working at home.... that's rarely the case. If you follow me on Instagram (@bysarasmith) or on Facebook (English Bone China by Sara Smith) you'll see the more-than-occasional interference of the cats we share our house with.

Whether I'm trying to use a computer keyboard, unpacking boxes or even - as the picture with this post demonstrates - attempting to have a tea break, there's usually one or other of them making their presence known.

I'm thinking of running a Christmas promotion - buy a box of tea cups, get a free cat. What do you think? The amount of time they spend climbing into boxes suggests they'd be happy to be packed up and sent off.

You don't have to like cats to love my tea cups - I've got friends and family members who can't stand the furry critters but adore tea in a beautiful cup - but you'll probably have to put up with hearing about them now and again on here. They do like to get involved. Unless you decide you actually want them to of course...


Tea cup biscuits chocolate biscuits teacup luxury cats
She doesn't even like biscuits, but they're probably worth attacking...

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