Designed in London, made in Stoke-on-Trent, England


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It's arrived! Our latest edition of tea cups and saucers. Crafted from start to finish in England.

Bright yellow bone china teacup finished with 24 carat gold.


This is my third edition of English Bone China tea cups and saucers. ​The patterns and bright colours have always been a feature but this time I've chosen a more traditional size.

​Smaller and sweeter I like to think. Each one a little treasure. Just the thing for anything from a flat white or an Earl Grey to a perfectly presented pudding.

​As always they're crafted from start to finish in England. From the design here in London, through to the final decoration in Stoke.

​I hope you'll love them and enjoy using them for many years to come.


beautiful bright green tea cup in bone china
Pink bone china tea cup, made in England


This new edition of English Bone China is designed in London and made in Stoke-on-Trent, birthplace of the most beautiful tea sets in the world.​

The elegant shapes and patterns reflect our rich design heritage while the mouthwatering colours and hand painted 24 carat gold make them truly original.

This luxurious range of tea cups and saucers celebrates the history of English Bone China production in Britain, while creating pieces which are a joy to use today.

Blue bone china tea cup, perfect gifts


Over hundreds of years the six Staffordshire towns which make up Stoke-on-Trent developed a ceramics industry which dazzled the world. The towns made the pots and the pots made the towns… and over time they became known as The Potteries.

Holding a piece of Bone China reminds us of the skill and dedication of thousands of British pottery workers through the centuries. Some of the biggest names in the business have now abandoned Stoke (and Britain altogether) to manufacture overseas but it’s still home to the world’s most talented craftsmen and women.

Afternoon tea with traditional bone china teacups
set of coloured English Bone China teacups


This range of bone china teacups was designed and conceived in London, home of a flourishing food scene – farmers markets, delis and quirky cafes. What better way to enjoy the produce of the growing number of artisan bakers – or even better homemade cakes and biscuits – than with tea served in beautiful cups?

Afternoon Tea in the city is fabulous but sometimes we want tea at home to be just as much of a treat. One of the lovely things about owning a piece of Bone China is that it can transform even a quick cuppa and a custard cream into an occasion.



Our tea cups and saucers come as a set of four for £160.

You'll get one of each colour - pink, blue, yellow and green - and they'll come wrapped in layers of tissue paper and packed in a gift box. Perfect for a present but why not treat yourself?

Delivery is free in the UK and not too much for the rest of the world.

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Traditional tea cups made in England

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Sara Smith English Bone China


These designs draw on 400 years of ceramics’ expertise in Britain.


It was around 1800 when Josiah Spode started working with a new material which would turn out to beat even the fine Chinese porcelain which British potters had spent centuries envying.

The new bone china would be beautiful to look at while feeling delicate to the touch. At the same time it was stronger than anything which had gone before.


Treat yourself to the pleasure of drinking from Bone China every day.


I spent a long time looking for the perfect tea cup, rummaging through high street stores and second hand shops alike.

I love vintage china but wanted richer colours and, frankly, less chintzy patterns. When I decided the answer was to design my own, I knew straight away where to go.

This range is created with the help of the wonderful manufacturers, designers and decorators of Stoke-on-Trent.

Each piece is a celebration of their skill and of our inspiring heritage in ceramics.


Love tea drinking from bone china tea cups