I spent a long time looking for the perfect tea cup and saucer but after searching high street stores and rummaging through vintage shops decided the only sensible option was to design my own. I love vintage tea cups but wanted richer colours and something which held more than a thimbleful of tea. I also wanted to find something which carried on our incredible tradition in this country of producing the world’s most beautiful bone china.

While many of the most famous names in the business now mass produce overseas, Stoke-on-Trent is still home to the most skilled craftsmen and women in the world. Who would want to produce anywhere else?

This range is designed to reflect the beauty of vintage bone china with pieces which are a joy to use today. So, while the shapes and patterns echo those seen over the centuries, this new edition is much more generously proportioned. The tea cups hold the same as a good-sized mug and come in four mouthwatering colours which look striking alone and amazing mixed and matched.

Each cup and saucer is finished with hand painted gold. They really are a celebration of our wonderful heritage in ceramics, while making every cup of tea or coffee an absolute treat.


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